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new fresh issues curated by Tom Ford and partly photographed by him. I can`t say i love Tom, but i truly admire him as a working and very competent, succesfull person. He moved from gucci and ysl in 2005 and everybody cried, ordering pieces from his last collection (especially when saw Frida collection) then he started his men`s collection, sunglaces, perfumes (wonderful, i must say, my very beloved smell is amber absolue), he became photographer and director of very infamous movie and now- he returned to design of women`s collection and at the moment he is preparing to launch cosmetics products signed tom ford and he is planning to film another movie. his marketing strategy is something to teach in colleges. Here we can see one of his first contribution for a magazine as photographer and, i can say, i like it. That `s much more interesting than his studio shots for his campaigns and it s much better than meisel story about plastic surgery in 2005. Crystal plays tuned cougar- i guess usual client of fashion houses)

Vogue Paris dec- jan 2010/11

Crystal Renn by Tom Ford
styled by Carine Roitfeld

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