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That infamous (because many shots became already epic) and very unknown (because it is very hard to find) supplement contains 3 large stories dedicated to Eva , Ester Canadas and Helena Christensen all very dressed-up and jewelry overdosed. No advertising, each of  model got 20-25 pictures. Here are only 13 images of Eva, unfortunately, but i can`t manage to find (or scan) it, so insted 23 images of Eva You are afforded to see only 13, but it`s not bad, i guess

Vogue Italia `3 women` supplement to novemeber 2001

Eva Herzigova by Michel Comte
styled by Sara Maino

scanned by FrenchBox. Please credit scanner and that community if you take this material. thanks!
Tags: eva herzigova, michel comte, sara maino, vogue italia supplement
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