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Play for today: Exclusive Vogue japan september 2011

Yep, it is hard to observe Karlie or Arthur Elgort in my blog... Because i simply don`t like `em...I find Karlie very unattractive, with kinda unpleasing face and feautures (except her legs, because it`s the one normal thing in her), weird unproportional body and i can`t understand all this hype around her, except, perhaps, love of Anna Vintour, which can break all surrenders and damage brains and dimout ppl by the influence and authority of her mind and standpoint...But, speaking about that ed, it is looking like a closed story for US Vogue ( Vogue Japan usually descend to take closed photosession from Vogue USA), cutted down by Mrs Wintour...

Vogue Japan september 2011

Karlie Kloss by Arthur Elgort
styled by Giovanna Battaglia

Pls credit that community if you take material. Thank YOU!
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