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Play for today: Exclusive Vogue Japan september 2011

My favorive Holland girl, my model of the moment with one of my favorite photographer... I am reallly happy for her, because this season she is getting more and more: she already became a favorite of duo Mert & Marcus (6 collaboration in a row, 2 of them are f/w 2011 advertising: Dsquared2 and Versace. I especially love Dsquared2. She is feauture in f/w 2011 love magazine as well), hope she can become a favorite for Nippon Vogue and George Cortina and Jansson too. I am not really fond of this particular story (it is never enough for me, i know...) as of all she`s been feauture in except Dsquared2, and Vogue paris february 2011 by Sorrenti. But, i hope her best works will coming out in the future. She has certain weird grace, that so self- confident and powerful way to stand in front of the camera, to pose so well. I think maestro Helmut Newton could see her true value, she is really his cup of tea: a bit pervy, a bit androginy, with georgeous body. I think, that`s why Carine Roitfeld appreciated her...In that photosession she`s playing  teen- age girl staying alone in the mansion of her parents, wearing soft and so tender feminine polka- dot outfits

Vogue Japan september 2011

Saskia De Brauw by Mikael Jansson
styled by George Cortina

kindly credit that community if you take images. thanks!
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