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Muse # 19
Natasha Poly by Panos Yiapanis
styled by Riccardo Tisci

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A famous yet issue (first good Muse magazine issue- as for me). whole dedicated to Natasha Polevshikova. I, personally, not obsessed by her at all, if anything- i find her unappealing and just can`t understand the cause of her `success fou`. Anyway, cover story was done by Panos Yiapanis- thats his first try to work behind the lens, and Riccardo Tisci as fashion editor (& art-director). The whole story looks quite amateurish (only some looks just long-drawned for the full value fashion-story), but i think thats the question more to muse magazine and the abscence of money, than to contributors.

scanned by Alien Sex Friend [me] please, guys, if you take pictures- credit scanner and that community as a source. thank you!
Tags: muse, natasha poly, panos yiapanis, riccardo tisci
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