July 26th, 2009


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W june 1996

Stella Tennant by Nathaniel Goldberg

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that`s totally 90-ies. Stella in the morning, Stella eating, Stella tired. So clean, a little bit grungy, but in truly morning mood.
Nataniel Goldberg was an apprentice of Mario Testino. the most talented. to be honest, i love his old works (till 2003), now he quite dull, too commercial, and very booorin`. There was a time, when i thought he`s better thatn Mario itself. btw, he`s Trish Goff husband since 1996 or 1997.

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Exit magazine

Kristen McMenamy, Miles Aldridge, their family by Miles himself

thats more personal work, family album, than fashion (thanks God) and that kind of work i appreciate seeing much more than usual over- coloured and over-retouched Miles works. that lookin`similair to his old works circa 1994- 1998 (he`s changed his style in a big way after 98). Below you can see his family: wife Kristen McMenamy (they married in 98), their children. Just the world around him. Very intimate and sensual.

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