September 17th, 2009


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photos by Jeff Burton

to continue my introducing: these are classical burton stuff. off the fashion, only still life photos. i beleive, thats from his books. You arent seeing anything, but you`re understanding, what`s happen here. that`s like seeing naked body through drapery. His works was the revelation of 2008 year for me. He started as a still photographer on sets of XXX movies in L.A. issued 3 books on that theme and he started to work for fashion since Tom Ford booked him for Tom`s first advertising campaign feauturing porn stars. Since then he`s working for Kris Van Assche, YSL men, making often publications for Arena Homme plus, Vogue Hommes, Fantastic Man, Love, L.A. fashion times etc. I just love the way he shows off intimacy and racy images with no offence: you cant even blame him in nudity, because there `s no nudity on his shots so far . You ve always seeing that fog sunny Californian atmosphere and can even feel that sultry air. Looking at his photographs you understand what he`s in love with life.

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