November 26th, 2009


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Vogue Russia september 1998

Gisele Bundchen by Perry Ogden
styled by Katharina Flohr

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Russian Vogue launch issue. one of the best from all history and one of the best Ogden session ever (the other one is also for ru vogue- ill post later). Young gisele and that nostalgic feeling of soviet school...

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Allure july 1997

Chandra North by Drew Jarrett
styled by Lori Goldstein

Allure was an amazing magazine about, actually, beauty, but there is tons of fashion, despite its thin size it was always well-packed. It was under Polly Allen Mellen who was creative director and stylist back then (91-99) Now shes just too old to work- after 60 years in fashion, being stylist and fashion editor for Vogue and bazaar earlier. back in the end of 90ies Chandra was my fav model (i just loved the idea of brunette with blue eyes). I still have a kindness for her, though she is no longer working and last time i saw her (it was long ago) she was longhaired, looks dull and surely it wasnt a high fashion, just some kinda` red` magazine

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THE FACE december 1996

Patsy Kensit by Mario Testino
styled by Carine Roitfeld

i just love the simplicity and the imperfection of patsy`s image. its almost off clothes, she looks tired, red eyes and i love that the face team keep it all. and sure, my favorite duo: Carine and Mario. i hope what their absence (actually Testino`s absence in french vogue) is just a pause in their co-working, cause i saw some their pics together on events. at long last theyre together since 1992!

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