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Tom ford being very tired of the cult of young body and endless youth show us how he`s admiring age. I can`t say what it looks like a pleasure for the eye, but that`s certainly eye-catching and i actually truly appreciaate that new trend in french conde nast: they started to show off different angles and prove what fashion isn`t only for young (actually, the audience of high fashon is quite aged people, because of its price) and what there are too many privileges what age is giving to the people. speaking of Vogue Paris tlast issue- i love it because of articles (that`s always interesting reading about Tom, though i prefer interviews much better) and a variety of themes. so, enjoy!

Vogue Paris dec/ jan 2010/11

Clarissa & Doug  by Tom Ford
styled by Benjamin Bruno

kindly credit this community if you take matirial from here- thank You!
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