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so, i am getting started one interesting theme in this community: editorials with same references. "Everything is about starting again"- that`s the most important fashion motto, so i fond it quite enternaining to show You some stuff with same references (movies, art, paitings or references on famous photosessions) Today i`m gonna show You 2 eds on one theme: infamous Martin Scorcese movie "Taxi driver" feuturing Robert De Niro and too yound Jodie Foster. First (and more successful, as for me)- Dusan Reljin`s shooting from Numero february 2005 issue. Girls are playing starlet in very 70`s mood- indeed as in original movie and interiors, mood clothing are pretty much the same. I am admiring Karl Templer`s concept in styling- if you are doing reference- it should looks pretty much as original."I like to exaggerate and get straight to the point. If it`s minimal- then it`s minimal; if it`s 80s then it`s really 80s from the beginning to the end. It`s definitive, so you know what it`s  about."- he said in his interview to australian Vogue Maybe that`s the reason why i love that story more than La Chapelle`s one (coming out next)

Numero # 60

Anja Rubik, Solange Wilvert, Heather Marks by Dusan Reljin
styled by Katie Mossmann

if You take this material- please credit. Thank You!
Tags: anja rubik, dusan reljin, heather marks, katie mossmann, numero, refence, solange wilvert, taxi driver

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