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Cavalli underwear exists longtime already, sometimes it is truly worthful to buy (very sensual if not animal print which i hate every fucking time). Underwear was always a part of clothing campaign and taken by the same photographer with main model, but in s/s 2010 Cavlli got it over with that tradition and we saw Elisabetta in royal appartaments looking posh in Cavalli underwear. in was in s/s 2010, in f/w there s no underwear campaign (nor even Gisele got dressed for that campaign), maybe because theres another goal for Cavalli company : 40th anniversary and book (issued by Rizzolli publishing house, and it not for sale, but as pirelli calendar- for a distribution on presentation and amond faithful clients. However it can be easily found on ebay or amazon) all cavalli archive was captured by Mert & Marcus. This time in s/s 2011 we have even 2 underwear campaign images with same cast and looking very similat to s/s 10, i guess, Cavalli decided to take up his underwear line more serious.

Roberto Cavalli underwear s/s 2011

Elisabetta Canalis by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

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