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Another Saskia work. I am admiring her, she is my favorite of the moment. I started to believe in fashion business when i learned how old is she now (and she is 29) and it`s unbelievable age for a big start of modeling career. after her debut i understhood what the reason of that legendary stupidity and blankness of models is their age and the age when they just had started: strictly after school or even without taking high school and right after that they are entering this big and quite sick fashion world with all its imposition of ideals of life: youth, beauty, money, success, fame etc. But getting back to Saskia, whom i find the most inspiring model of the moment, i adore her body: it is absolutely sculptural and so photogenic.Despite this so-so styling and photography of the same quality, it is still showing off her varsatilityAnd i really home to see her in upcoming Balenciaga campaign (i believe, she will be feauture in it, since she was many times in all that promotional stuff for s/s collection and hope to see her in upcoming fall barney`s NYC campaign/ magazine since this is Carine Roitfeld , who have been chosen on position of stylist /consultant for Barney`s (bravo!) and working on it now with Mario Sorrenti, and Carine loves Saskia. Go ahead, Saskia!

I-d spring 2011

Saskia De Brauw by Kacper Kasprzyk
styled by Erika Kurihara

this is not promotional community, so crediting of this community if you are using its material will be highly appreciated. thank you for collaboration!
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