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4th collaboration of Jansson and Beha. this time dedicated to valentino s/s 2011 collection and it`s not a surprise what Freja was chosen for that story since she`s the face of valentino 2 seasons in a row and in upcoming valentino perfume campaign as well. we`ll keep looking forward, maybe she`s gonna get f/w 2011 campaign as well. Valentino changed cardinally since maestro left the house (now we can clearly see the harvest): now it looks more girlish, contemporary and made for young aristocrat trying to look a bit older and refined, which is very uncommon kind of chic nowadays

Interview may 2011

Freja Beha Erichsen & Tomek Szczukiecki by Mikael Jansson
styled by Karl Templer

If You are using this material- pls credit that community. thank You
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