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i was amazed and very pleased and actually surprised to see that editorial. Because i usually don`t care about Dree, and not a fan of her editorials, but this one is great. all these blurry muted color, moody pictures and sunny atmosphere of a holiday afternoon in american rich family. This is kind of reminds me Max Farago`s ed in Purple with Dree (thanks to colors) and contributions for Uk Vogue of photographer Benjamin Alexander Huseby and Tierney Gearon works for Dutch and Marie Claire, but more high-society oriented. I observed, what UK Vogue started to push that kind of stuff on their pages- very non-commercial, especailly from conde nast corporate standpoint. But this thing is UK Vogue sign,trademark if you want to know my opinion.

Vogue UK june 2011

Dree Hemingway by Tom Craig
styled by Bay Garnett

pls credit that community if You are using this material. thank You!
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