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Um, i know what it`s been discussed very active and i know what fashion photography is very secondary itself, and mert and marcus are the main copycats (and the highest- paid thouh) creators in fashion world, but it is too much, It is an obvious inspiration cut`n` paste of an infamous Linda Evangelista by Meisel cuban themed editorial from 1989, what has been re- used already twice at least (cameron russell by alasdair mclellan in Self Service and Daria Werbowy by Steven Klein for W) But now it is too much: why putting Isabeli instead Linda and Clement who is much younger than Isabeli and u can clearly see it. Again nostrils, ecstatic poses and again zero passion...Giving you the right to judge yourself...

Vogue Paris June-july 2011

Isabeli Fontana & Clement Chabernaud by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott
styled by Emmanuelle Alt

pls credit that community if you are using material. thanks!
Tags: clement chabernaud, emmanuelle alt, isabeli fontana, mert alas & marcus piggott, vogue paris

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