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Typical Barbieri/ Buchet editorial. Reminds me of Isabeli/ Jansson ed one year ago in Vogue Paris Reminds me way too much, i must point it out. As well as the last Ferragamo advertising campaign feauturing Daria and Clement by Jansson and agin Barbieri. Maybe because of the same stylist. I don`t like Karmen, her appearance do nothing but irratates me, maybe because she is looking way too much as a club girl from a "Rooftop"- Moscow`s "upscale" and yet one-class club with lots of posh whores among the public.

Vogue Paris june-july 2011

Karmen Pedaru by Cedric Buchet
styled by Anastassia Barbieri

If you are using this material- kindly put a credit on this community. highly appreciated!
Tags: anastassia barbieri, cedric buchet, karmen pedaru, vogue paris
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