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any objections?

i know, it`s been posted somewhere, but here it is in hq and good quality. last issue of nippon vogue is truly better than everything what has been there for whole 2011. Plenty of editorials (7- it is unbelievable quantity for japanese vogue), different themes (finally not only fall/ winter collections already in june, as we are usually seeing in there in july issues). I know, what lots of a ppl are obsessed about Carola appearance, but i find her too cocaine chic. But first pic behind the cut - i adore such style. bare legs, no foorwear and something white and furry/ plumy on her. Very bourgeois party- style.

Vogue Nippon july 2011

Carola Remer by Raymond Meier
styled by Tina Laakonen

kindly credit that community if you take material. thanks!
Tags: carola remer, raymond meier, tina laakkonen, vogue nippon
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