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the theme of upcoming issue of Numero is Fetish. It`s not a secret for anyone, what it is the secound season when dominatrix style and agressive outfits are in vogue....Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Junya Watanabe, leather etc, so they decided to reveal that theme in august issue. I adore all this preuso high sex- shop outfits, bondage, harness, bracer; all these zana bayne, fleet ilya, Naza Yuzefi, Hermes high fashion harnesses mixed up with common everyday and very minimalistic things like white shirt, trousers, formal suits and blouses. when harness can be seen through casual white shirt or it`s worn on very simple minimalistic dress. It was showed off very often since s/s season, but best it`s seen by the ppl who`s truly admiring this and seem very inside this theme (Alastair McKimm, Carine Roitfeld, Panos Yiapanis, sometimes- Karl Templer, sometimes- even Nicola Formichetti), other fashion editors- just trying too hard to be in trend (like Sissy Vian). And what i can say about that issue- it is dissapointed... Too much femme fatale, too afforded to be interesting, too showcased as well as this story. My post lacks one published picture, but it has one out-take instead. Btw, can someone tell me the name of model?

Numero # 125 august 2011

Aymeleme Valade by Tom Munro


pls credit that community if you take this material. thanks!
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