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Play for tofay: Vogue Japan. november 2011

Again fatale, dominatrix, fetishist theme. This time executed by George Cortina. I am not a fan, though i love how Lara looks here almost wothout make-up. Classic rennaissnce italian settings (i believe, it is Venice, right?) gothic mood thanks to restricted belts and lots of snazzy laces. i personnaly think what it looks more klamsy and awkward that sexy and mistress-y especially on Lara. i think they should choose other model (Saskia?) to look kinky in all these outfits and, maybe choose other outfits, because it is too ponderous. For you to judje eitherway...

Vogue Japan november 2011

Lara Stone by Mario Sorrenti
styled by George Cortina

please credit that community if you take images. regards

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