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Play for today: Exclusive Vogue Paris November 2011

The title of the editorial takes us to Nirvana album, for sure, it means grunge, bleached blonds, sweaters, withered colours and an atmosphere of "i don`t give a shit" vibe and heroin chic. Reminds a bit of Corinne Day works for Uk Vogue, for example. Girls looking awful, too relaxed like if they just got high or slam... i don`t like that story at all. i hate how look girl`s hair (and always looking bad and sick Sasha), they too exhausted and almost dead. though i`d grab some of these coats and sweaters to wear it in suburbs or on the vacations near autumn sea

Vogue Paris November 2011

Natasha Poly, Sasha Pivovarova by Mario Sorrenti
styled by Emmanuelle Alt

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