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Play for today: Interview November 2011

For your attention: fresh interview, available now at Colette, Paris (not yet available in USA- country of origin) I personally can`t understand all this obsession about tiny girls- actresses. It started from Elle Fanning posing for Marc Jacobs campaign and continues in Vogue Paris anniversary issue by Slimane, Love and Interview (i hope you remember this story in may 2010). I love Jansson and his collaboration with Karl Templaer, but i think what the whole history of fashion shooting remembers only one photographer (whom i love as well, but much more) who can capture kids in very nonchalant, natural and personal way- it`s Bob Richardson, of course. I don`t like Chloe appearance (her deep close-set eyes, weird mouth) and all this try to look as a woman (i hate when children are captured and shown in this way- as a small woman or man- it`s distasteful as if they can`t be just temselves, just kids). You can say, what the story has Helmut Newton vibe, but i wouldn`t say so, because it doesn`t, otherwise every b/w powerful graphic image showing some kind of controversial  in any way content must be a Helmut Newton reference.

Interview november 2011

Chloe Moretz by Mikael Jansson
styled by Karl Templer

please credit that community if you use this material. thank You!
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