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Not yet released march issue of Paris vogue. Will hit french newsstands 24th february. Before this you can easily enjoy some eds id like to share with you. Without any excitement, since Roitfeld era is gone traceless...Here is the best editorial out of all march issue, imo. I love that paparazzi style and that tender gauze on shots reminds us about sultry summer air and vapor from asphalt

Vogue Paris march 2012

Lara Stone by Mikael jansson
styled by Anastasia Barbieri

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    I love secound cover better, tbh. because this is 80`s and because of Lara showcasing her huge breast. but i was hoping for more... So the editorial…

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    so, here it is. First Lara stone cover for Vogue Turkey. 2 versions. first comes the natural thing. i am not really fond of Lara`s facial…

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    Tipically 80`s styled editorials. It`s been a while (and i can`t even recall when last time) Glen was working for Vogue Paris. And it`s a pleasure…

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