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Today i`ll provide the rest of Vogue Paris eds content. Here is "from runway to reality" version of studio shoot viewed by Alt. 8 designers total looks or combined with loafers, jeans every fucking time! Alt simply can`t see any of item without jeans and street fashion is certainly means sneakers/sporty/teenager outward. That`s truly dull, actually, no imagination+ total looks. Can you imagine something more repetitive and boring, though there is some nice combo, so be ready for my comments to each look, because that shoot is only about styling and how you can manage it. I love that kind of "tutorials", because then magazine play his main role- help readers get ahead in reaching that tough goal- be fashionable without turning into fashion victim.

Vogue Paris march 2012

Arizona Muse by Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin
styled by Emmanuelle Alt

Lemon leather Versace ensemble and pole dancer ugly shoes

Turning into teenager outfit with sneakers. only jacket is used here. I love the combination of luxurious jacket (which looks a bit cheap, actually) and gumshoes, but in colour that would definitely look more interesting and controversial. Here, thanks to b/w it looks more rock`n`rolla- usual Alt stuff

Emilio Pucci bohemian / Gipsy/Rural style.

...tunting into something weirdo and half-baked. Especially bast shoes deliver...

Prada 50`s coloriful retro madness

turning into something wearable, but still with the spirit of collection (how to wear too freaky pieces) Btw, i got one very similar coat and planned to wear it this summer. Alt read my mind)

Michael Kors safari hunter/military/gladiator total look from s/s 12 collection. I love Kors, but i don`t find that collection truly successfull

Goes very careless streetfashion option. I like only what Alt used more than one detail from actual collection in reality version: bag, shoes (more wearable than these rough boots) and sweater.

Balenciaga ethnic total-look. Too much of everything, but it works well.

Street version is a true disaster: no more avant- gardian vibe, and i imagine what it`s peruvian homeless boy looking at us from pages of Vogue Paris...

Ralph Lauren American person of rank from the beginning of XX century

Turned into texas village boy... That would be ok without cowboy boots (ralph Lauren creates wonderful riding boots and they suit way much better here) and shirt wrapped around Arizona`s waist. However, we can suggest, what Alt would like to showcase 2 main directions and inspiring themes of Ralph Lauren fashion house.

Imo, the best shot and best look of the whole story. I love everything except peeps. I have to confess what i am very fascinated with Tisci work and personality and positioning of Givenchy, so i am not really unprejudiced, but i am not fond of the last collection (same thing about campaign), at least what i saw on runway not really impressed me, but it can really rock shoots! And that picture proves it. So maybe it`ll beguile me to get something from that collection..

Nope. It is b-o-r-i-n`!
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