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Play for today: Plein Sud

It`s been a while since Plain Sud putted his advertising in major publications like Vogue, i have a feeling what the company not just stopped production advertising camapigns, but just stop fonctioning on the market. Its last try was in 2002 featuring Amanda Moore and photographed by Steven Klein. During 90`s-zero`s models like Shalom Harlow, Milla Jovovich, Eva Herzigova, Rie Rasmussen, Delfine Bafort, Lisa Ratliffe, Kylie Bax, Carmen Kass, Vivien Solari, Karolina Kurkova among others modeled for Plain Sud seasonal campaigns, and Sean Ellis <3, Sthephane Sednaoui, Steven Klein, Helmut Newton took pictures. Plain Sud backed in magazines in fall 2011 when we saw Julia Stegner on pages of Vogue Paris. So here is that campaign. Collection itself is a combination of hot items of the past from Plein. Enjoy (with my comments)) Btw, any ideas, who`s photographer?

Plein Sud s/s 2011

Julis Stegner

That one is a rip-off (or nostalgie?) from s/s 2001 collection: full of chains. Karolina Kurkova taken by Sean Ellis was in that campaign. Prove

Again: Leather+ chains

I`ve Got that one which Karolina worn here

I don`t think Julia is the right model`s choice for this: she doesn`t have hips and pants looks shapeless on her. And  supposed to look "cutie" pigeon toes aren`t appropriate to the image with snakeskin leather pants...

Hedi Slimane? Sure thing, not, but it looks pretty much his work (minimalism, black tuxedo, jacket worn on naked breast)

this is just creppy and stands out of the campaign
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