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Play for today: Plein Sud

Here is a bit more interesting campaign realisation. Lara Stone started this vawe of blonds with plumpy lips and bleached brows (and gapped teeth) and everyone thinks that this looks way too sexy. Me- i `m not...So im not a fan of Hailey (for me she `s a bit more attractive Daphne). However Plein Sud was always having this agressive va-va-voom vibe. Kinda Jitrois: heels, leather etc. How`s `bout Sean & Seng photographic duo- sometimes i like thier works, sometimes they`re repetitive. For Numero magazine they sometimes bring some interesting points to the totally lackluster issues. So at least we should be thankful for that.

Plein Sud f/w 2011

Hailey Clauson
by Sean & Seng

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