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The final one for today. I just showed you the evolving of visual execution of one particular brand`s advertising. I think, that`s actually not bad, i mean the direction is right, thogh clothes are often leaves much to be desired...Today we see ressurection of yet luxurious clothing brands quite often (Mugler, Roccobarocco among others) and i think if we speak about ad camapigns, plein sud reached much more in this case, than Mugler and Roccobarocco. In the past season Roccobarocco released advertising taken by Mert & Marcus with Iris Strubegger, but there was only one image projected, as far as i know, so that`s not so much. Mugler is discussed and hardly promoted thanks to Nicola Formichetti, but they don`t have a visual advertising, only non-paying publications provided by hard-working PR- department.
That campaign is a repeat for Akrans: she already did it many times even with same model. It reminds too much Numero # 73 may 2007 as well as # 73 with Marta Berzkalna. Horsey- dominatrix theme. with ponytail and rough clothes+ athletic body. Shannan dyed her hair back in blonde and became victoria`s secret- only model. It is decay from a standpoint of high-fashion there she was working when was brunette (she`s naturally blonde), but from a point of commercial success that`s better because catalogs pays nice money, while editorials giving chicken feed, it is just promo and image-building story for model.

Plein Sud s/s 2012

Shannan Click by Camilla Akrans

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