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Finally i can show you full yet unseen parts of the issue. That spring edition is very discussed thanks to V promotion. Almost full styled by Roitfeld, i think you` ve already heared what there is no models and you`ve already seen Victoria`s Secret girls calendar, so i won`t bother you. Here is a cover story and a first Carine collaboration featuring Nick. The secound one translated via showstudio web site in real time- mode and showcased Lara Stone lessons of self-defence in best outfits of s/s season according to madame Roitfeld. Will see results in the next issue of V (i just hope what it`s not gonna be photoshopped to death as sometimes Nick does, because then we won`t see any result of Carine work). Concerning this collaboration- i don`t want to discuss Tahar actor`s capacities, since i simply haven`t seen his movies. Photos are too simple as well as the styling, but it`s a celeb-story, so it`s normal, the magazine should keep his personality on pics.

VMan # 25 spring 2012

Tahar Rahim
by Nick Knight
styled by Carine Roitfeld

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