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I know it`s been a while since my last entry.. But i have tons of old magazines from 70-80 (and my collection grows very fast and free space in my room dessapearing) and i plan to share with you guys, however, maybe in another format than scans, coz it damages old heavy and thick magazines quite a lot.
Today i will share the latest issue (and the first actually) of CR Fashion Book, already infamous, but not that irreverent as everyone was highly anticipated. It is really one bid dissapointment especially considering the fact what all mags are very poor and weak novadays. However, that plays into the hands of Carine Roitfeld mag debuted 13th september in NYC. I have to say, what still most of points in NY still don`t have that issue...But that is a weird US magazine distribution chain, i don`t think i will ever grasp how it works.
Here is the first Carine expirience with Kacper Kasprzyk. They shot Catherine McNeil wearing wig and playing Elsa Peretti - a renown jewelry designer of her era (70s). She worked for Tiffany & Co a lot. I`m not really fond of her design, i appreciate much more Paloma Picasso collaboration feauturing Tiffany&Co. Elsa`s were too simple & soft for my taste. Paloma created very heavy, dangerous and massive jevellery pieces which she worn herself (bangles for instanse which everyone knows by her Newton`s topless portrait holding a glass of water). Anyway, considering that shoot, i don`t like that blurry shades on each shot, because i really miss Carine styling (remembering good old days when we can observe it each month 2 or 3 times in Vogue Paris, now it`s only ad campaign twice a year and some rare V magazine stuff) and here i can`t see a thing thanks to that woozy blurry effect. I adore 70`s but i can`t say i luv Elsa attitude or style, nor i love it here embodied in Cat looks too amateurish in a bad way.

CR Fashion Book # 1

Catherine McNeil by Kacper Kasprzyk
styled by Carine Roitfeld

please credit that community. thank you!


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