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Blast from the past: Carine Roitfeld

hi, guys! i was away for a while and there was so much thing going on. I was working hard and started collecting a new era of magazines for me - 70`s-80`s and finally started a serious collection of Helmut Newton whom i was inside since my childhood and whom actually modeled my view on women, aesthetic and sexuality in some way (his Wolford campaigns in 96-98 was the ones i admire back then, when i was in my pre-teen age). Now i am back and i just hope that i can share with you my thought, opinions, precious materials and exclusives more often, since i always have something to say, and my collection grown much much bigger.
Today i am gonna tell you about vintage Carine Roitfeld stuff. She is very infamous at the moment: that new Bazaar position, her magazine etc (however lately she dissapeared from the scen and last 2-3 months weren]t as fruitful as the whole passed year, but i guess it is just a lull before the storm), but back then, in 1994 she was just a regular stylist at French Conde Nast`s Vogue & Glamour. Her styling is always very determinated, recognizable, cutting edge and still very modern, even now, almost 20 years after. I guess, that`s because she didn`t follow the norms of good-taste, she just followed he instinct, that§s why she ussually combined white pumps with black outfit, put together accessories from whole different stories or just mix classic stuff with a super trendy fast -fashion elements, yes , sometimes it provokes the thing called in french "le mavais gout", but as maestro Helmut Newton said in his autobiography: "I am very attracted by bad taste - it is a lot more exciting than that supposed good taste which is nothing more than a standardized way of looking at things." Carine is not standardized, and she was always into something very particular and personal, and i guess that`s the reason of her success, not fast, but i guess, slow stars are true stars...
Below you `ll see a quite rare and fameless story, however, you `ll see Yasmeen Ghauri, a very on -demand model of 90`s with super feminine shapes whom stars in Organza of Givenchy, Male model is looking exactly as a young Duran-Duran`s keyboardist Nick Rhodes. The story is supposed to getting us back in 40`s, it is a new view on retro in 90s. So, get ready

Vogue Paris february 1994
Yasmeen Ghauri & by Mario Testino
styled by Carine Roitfeld

Scanned by me. Please credit

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